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Annual Share Holder Meeting


A member entitled to attend and vote at Generat Meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy in his/her behalf. Completed forms of proxy must be submitted to the General Manager of the company before the general meeting is conducted.

Pursuant to the provison of Article 418 of the commercial code of Ethiopipia and rticle 8 sub article of the Association of the company, notice is hearby given that the 18th Annual General meeting of shareholders of the company will be held at sheraton addis on Tuesday 20th October, 2015 from 9:00am to transact the folllowing Business.

1.To consider and approve the board of Directors Report

2.To consider and approve the Auditors Report

3.To decide on the apprpopriation of the profit of the company for the icial year 2015/2015.

4.Incrase of board directors number

5.Rise Capital